Pray Without Ceasing

October 14, 2014 | Tags: , ,

Pray without ceasing.

-1 Thessalonians 5:17

Prayer is the most powerful tool we have as followers of Jesus Christ. We can know that Jesus hears our prayers. We can know our faith is strengthened and our heart is set at peace when we pray. And the Bible commands us to “Pray without ceasing.” But what does that actually look like?

Recently I went back to an old habit I used to do. I went back to writing Scripture on 3×5 index cards and carrying them around with me. I write one or two verses per card that I want to focus on that day or that week. I then take those cards to the Lord in prayer. It’s amazing how the Holy Spirit helps me to pray when I pray Scripture right back to God. And it’s amazing how those prayers I prayed in the morning carry me throughout the day. I’m either thinking of them, praying them over again, or applying them to the situation I’m currently in. I believe that’s one way to look at the Lord’s command to “Pray without ceasing.”

Prayer keeps my mind focused on God’s perspective and not my own. When I’m down, I remind myself to go to the Lord in prayer instead of dwelling on my difficult circumstances. I’ve even found that if I’m away from the Lord in prayer too long, I get more and more down. And then sometimes it takes nearly an hour in prayer to get lifted back up again. I want to try to catch myself before allowing that to happen. I’ve realized it’s not worth taking my eyes off Jesus, even when I’m tempted to do so. Every time I do, I get too hurt by my situation when I don’t have to.

I know I need to make prayer a deeper priority in my life. How about you? We will never waste a moment of time when we pray and put everything else aside. We will be energized and equipped to battle the rest of our day in whatever lies ahead. Keep praying, Beloved. God hears your prayers.

By Courtney Silberman

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