Into the Heart of God by Abigail George

September 10, 2014 | Tags: , ,

“I have had a change of heart; … my compassion is stirred!”

Hosea 11:8

He was called to wed and deeply love a promiscuous woman, suffer a broken heart repeatedly, and preach God’s message to rebellious people. Proclaiming God’s Word each day had its challenges; so did walking home each night to his dysfunctional household. God not only called Hosea to deliver His message, He called him to live it. His call was a journey into the very heart of God.

What if God called you to circumstances that catapult you directly into His Heart? Causing you to journey to places you’ve never been, feel your deepest pain, shed your longest tears, pray agonizing prayers, trust God like never before, and know humility you’ve never known? Called to experience the heart of God.

What if you have to encamp in a dark place for a while to serve as the only light for others to see their way out? Called to walk a lonely road, night after dreadful night, to face that person, family, or community where God wants to show His love? Engulfed in the seeking heart of God.

What if you are called to parent prodigal children who are relentlessly squandering their godly inheritance and living like enemies of God? Called to leave the warm light of His holiness and love in a window so they can find their way home? Immersed in the restoring heart of God.

What if you are called to demonstrate to your wandering spouse what God’s tenacious, unconditional love looks like–speaking peaceful words of encouragement to them while raging anger and discouragement looms in the shadows of your mind. Your knees are sore from countless hours of excruciating prayer to the Father–eyes swollen from the flowing tears pouring like a flood. Plunged into the forgiving heart of God.

What if your life is one that suffers loss after loss, brokenness of heart, disappointment many times over, so others who have suffered the same can see and know the comfort of God? Thrust into the soothing heart of God.

Beloved, know that this kind of call carries a message of hope. Hope that you can never go too far His love can’t reach you; that there is no sin too deep that His love can’t lift you; that there is no place too dark that His light can’t see you, no road too remote His love can’t find you, no heart too scarred that His love can’t heal you.

Your life may be one He chooses to demonstrate His heart for His people. Are you willing to live your life deep in the Heart of God?

By Abigail George

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