The Binding Nature of the Spoken Word

February 10, 2014 | Tags: , , ,

For the mouth speaks from the overflow of the heart. A good man produces good things from his storeroom of good, and an evil man produces evil things from his storeroom of evil. I tell you that on the day of judgment people will have to account for every careless word they speak. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.

-Matthew 12:34-37

I probably don’t have to tell you that the words we speak are powerful. You’ve heard words in your life which have torn your down, and you’ve heard words which have built you up. Our words can do only one or the other–they can tear down or they can build up. There is no middle ground. There never is with Jesus.

In the final analysis of our lives, we will have to give account for every word we’ve spoken. Have you ever lied to someone? Then you are guilty before a Holy God, for the Bible says, “For whoever keeps the entire law, yet fails in one point, is guilty of breaking it all” (James 2:10).  If we think our good actions or intentions somehow absolve us of the times we have been guilty of breaking God’s laws, this verse tells us otherwise. If we fail once to meet the standards of the Perfect Judge, Jesus Christ, then we are guilty. And the penalty is death and separation from God for all eternity. “For the wages of sin is death” (Rom. 6:23).

But here’s the blessed hope–just as our words are binding in their nature, so are God’s. Even when we’ve sinned against God, we are forgiven of our sins if we have cried out to God for salvation through Jesus’ shed blood on the cross. If you have made the personal choice to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior by speaking the words that affirm your belief and your faith, you are acquitted for all time and eternity. No power of hell can take away your position in Christ Jesus. You are forever found “not guilty” before a Holy God because Jesus took the guilt for you.

It is my hope and my prayer that you have sealed your position in Christ by speaking the words that set you free–“Dear God, I acknowledge my sin before you and know that I can never make up for my mistakes by doing good works. I instead receive Jesus’ free gift of my salvation and believe He took all my sins at the cross. I believe there is no other way for me to stand righteous and Holy before you other than to go through the cross of Jesus Christ. I believe He rose from the dead so that I can have new life in Him. And I now turn over the rule of my life to Jesus. Amen.”

If you have spoken these words and believed them in your heart, you are saved and sealed. Now, go, and use your words through the power of the Holy Spirit to build up others and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. The words you speak are powerful through the Holy Spirit, and God will use them to build others up too.

By Courtney Silberman

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