Grace to the Humble

January 20, 2014 | Tags: , ,

How can what is formed
say about the one who formed it,
“He doesn’t understand what he’s doing”?

-Isaiah 29:16

It’s painful to realize and see but we must–at the core, we are a people of pride and arrogance against the Holy and Living God. We often think, do we not, God does not understand what He’s doing! I was there once again this morning, and God, in His mercy and compassion, straightened me out. Once again, I found myself questioning God over a matter involving my children. For quite possibly the third year in a row, I began complaining and blaming others for the situation, wondering the whole time if my kids were in the right place.

While pouring my coffee before beginning my quiet time this morning, God’s gentle, quiet voice spoke softly to me–“You’ve been complaining about this and not thankful for the good things I am doing there.” Right away, I realized He was right. I grabbed my coffee and Bible, headed to my favorite spot in the family room, and got on my knees. I confessed my sin and agreed with God that I was indeed complaining. I was grumbling with Him and I know it hurt His ears. I was sorry I wasn’t thankful for all the good things He is doing there for my children, and I humbled myself before a Holy God, admitting that I thought I knew better than He. I admitted that I am not God and He alone has the right to be Lord in whatever manner He chooses for my children.

Right away, I experienced the overwhelming peace of His forgiveness and compassion. I thanked Him for His forgiveness and great love that was won at the cross when Jesus took my sin upon Himself. In my spirit, I felt the loving arms of my heavenly Father surround me. And I heard Him whisper the truth of the matter for my children and why they were there. Yes, He knows exactly what He is doing. I praised Him and gave glory to His name. Yes, He knows exactly what He’s doing. And it is good.

Later that morning, I admitted my sin of complaining over the situation to my children and husband and told them I was sorry. I want to be thankful to God instead. Praise God for His love and for teaching us such great lessons that bless everyone around us!

Yes, we are a people of pride and arrogance. We think we know better than God. But God is a God of forgiveness and compassion that extends like waves upon waves of grace. If only we would come to Him and repent. If only we would draw near and admit our mistakes instead of trying to hide them and then blame others. If only we’d do it more often. Then, we’d see a God who is good. We’d see that goodness, and we would praise Him.

God resists the proud,
but gives grace to the humble. -James 4:6

By Courtney Silberman

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