Weary? God’s Word Gives Strength

May 30, 2013 | Tags: ,

I am weary from grief;
strengthen me through Your word.

-Psalm 119:28

Grief can come in many forms, from the seemingly mundane daily struggles to the real tragedies of life. Whatever the level, grief causes us to feel weary and worn out. Tears can flow in any number of seasons and for a number of reasons. We don’t always know what will hit us and how it will hit. But no matter what comes, we have a promise from God–His word gives us strength.

We don’t really believe this until we experience it, and then, get into the habit of going straight to the Bible. How many times have you and I gone to the things of this world for comfort, only to find they fall short each and every time? The true strength of our lives comes from the hope of Jesus Christ. That hope can only be found in the pages of Scripture. It is the Living Word–He speaks to each of us individually during our time of need, and only He knows what encouragement we need in that moment. It is part of the ever-flowing grace of God. It is so personal, so real, and so perfect.

But we must be intentional. We must get up from whatever we are doing and draw near to Him. He will do the rest. The hardest step is getting there. It must be a choice, and it isn’t going to be convenient or easy most of the time. We must make the sacrifice to stop everything else to spend time in the Word. Every single thing in us and around us will try to halt us from getting there. We must fight against it and do it anyway. In those moments, we will meet God, and He will give us strength.

What seems to be important today? Is it more important than your one-on-one time with God? Taking the time to meet with the God of the Universe each day cannot fall by the wayside. It must be a priority over every other thing. God promises to give you the strength you need to carry on, and He promises to take care of everything else if you put Him first.

By Courtney Silberman

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