Rely On God, Not a Routine

May 13, 2013 | Tags: , ,

Not I, But Christ

So that people may see and know,
    may consider and understand,
that the hand of the Lord has done this,
    that the Holy One of Israel has created it.

-Isaiah 41:20 NIV

We love routine. We love to make our schedules, our check-lists, and our plans, then carry them out and feel good about ourselves. Routines and plans give us a sense of security. We like to feel in control. But if we are not careful, then we can depend on a routine instead of depending on God. Then, the routine no longer becomes a help, it becomes a hindrance. It becomes an idol–something we place ahead of God.

Why does He allow routines to get thrown off on purpose? To show that He alone is God. We are never to get the glory for what goes on around us. We are to give all the glory to God. If God allowed us to have victory in anything without Him, we would think we did it all. We would feel pride that it was because of our own efforts. We would think we are good and capable without His help. He loves us too much for that, so He will protect us from it. He simply won’t allow it by whatever means He chooses.

But we shouldn’t be afraid of this. God loves us. He knows exactly what to do in order to get our attention so that we will turn to Him instead of a routine. He knows our need to feel secure, but the world around us will lie and say we can have security in it. God will show us through experiencing Him in chaos that He is the One who really is in control. He is the One who really brings us security. We can trust Him, even when it seems to be going haywire everywhere else. We can depend on Him alone. He is worthy, and has shown time and time again in His Word how He took care of each and every person who called out to Him for help. That same God will take care of you and me when we ask for His help today.

Do you need to let go of a routine and depend on God instead? Seek Him today over this. He knows you perfectly because He created you. He knows where you are feeling insecure. Seek Him today, and let go of a routine that’s not from Him. See how graciously He shows you the better way, because He is the Way. The Only Way. And remember to give Him all the glory for it. “Not I, but Christ.”

By Courtney Silberman

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