Making Everything New

April 11, 2013 | Tags: , ,

cherry blossoms 1

Then the One seated on the throne said, “Look! I am making everything new.”

-Revelation 21:5

We have many glorious images around us to provide hints of what is to come on earth. Every spring, the seemingly dead branches of our cherry blossom tree spring to life with fluffy, little pink flowers. When the tree is blossomed to its fullest, you cannot even see through on the other side of the tree. The fullness and newness takes over and fills the tree to its peak. It is a sight I long to see at this time every year.

For the past couple of days as I’ve admired the tree, God’s words towards the end of the Bible keep popping in my head–“Look, I am making everything new.” In the context of this verse, in chapter 21 of Revelation, the apostle John is describing his vision of the new creation–the time when God renews the earth that His followers will dwell in for ever and ever. It will be a familiar earth, but a renewed earth. Everything that was dirty, corrupted, and ugly will be transformed into the perfect state God intended the earth to be in since the beginning of creation. It will contain multitudes of the beauty we see now and none of the unsightliness. It will be perfect in every way, an earth humankind is striving to make now but never can without God. It is where followers of Jesus Christ will live and work, play and worship, fellowship and rest, for all time. And we will walk side by side with God again.

Are you longing for a perfect state? Do you feel unsettled and lost at times, even confused about the things going on around you? You are not alone. God sees your longing and hears your sighs. He knows this place is unsettling for us. But hang on–the best is yet to come. There will be a day when all we see right now will pass away and what is true and eternal remain forever. In your longing for desires that continue to go unfulfilled, meditate on God’s new creation. Think of all your favorite things about the earth right now, and know that is what you will experience for all eternity when we rest in the presence of God and His new creation. Truly, the best is yet to come.

By Courtney Silberman

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