The Power of Forgiveness

February 27, 2013 | Tags: ,

Cross of Christ

A person’s insight gives him patience,
and his virtue is to overlook an offense.

Proverbs 19:11

All of us have been offended by someone else at one time or another. Those offenses can either be on the surface, or they can be deep, lasting offenses that have kept us in bondage for years. But we have a choice because of what Jesus did for us on the cross. Through His blood, He covered over our offenses against God. Through the power of His Holy Spirit dwelling within us, we too can overlook the offenses of others and have peace.

It’s a matter of choice. It’s a matter of letting go and giving the offenses to God to take care of. The Bible says, “Don’t say, ‘I will avenge this evil!’ Wait on the Lord, and He will rescue you” (Prov. 20:22).

Overlooking an offense against us is one of the most difficult things we can do. But it is also one of the most powerful things we can do. When we let go and give the offense to God, we are filled with peace. We are no longer trapped by our bitterness, instead, we are free to love as Christ loved us. “Above all, maintain an intense love for each other, since love covers a multitude of sins” (1 Peter 4:8).

There is a song that plays on my Christian radio station quite often. It’s called “Forgiveness” by artist Matthew West. It is a powerful song, hitting on all the truths about forgiveness. If you would like to listen to it, please click here.

This is the truth about forgiveness that Matthew West touches on perfectly–“The prisoner it really frees is you.”

Heavenly Father, I lift up each and every person reading today and intercede for them in the name of Jesus. Father, I ask for your help in their lives. Where they have been hurt by another, please help them to experience the power of forgiveness. May it bring you honor and glory, Father, and set them free. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

By Courtney Silberman

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