God’s Help in Times of Anger

October 1, 2012 | Tags: , ,

My dearly loved brothers, understand this: Everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger, for man’s anger does not accomplish God’s righteousness.

James 1:19-20

I am currently studying the Book of James through Beth Moore’s study James: Mercy Triumphs (Lifeway Press, 2011). I have always loved the Book of James. I love how honest and forthright he is. I love the practical help he gives and I love that he doesn’t beat around the bush in what he says.

I have written James 1:19 on index cards to memorize and meditate upon at several different points since becoming a mom. Oh how we mothers need these words so desperately when speaking to our children! I just prayed this morning that the Holy Spirit would bring this command to the forefront of my mind the instant I’m tempted to speak out too quickly with frustration before listening to what my children have to say. Self-control, after all, brings a wonderful sense of peace and joy to us when we exercise it.

Could you use a little help in this area with relationships in your life? God is here for you. Begin by confessing your anger over your situation, then receive His grace and forgiveness. He will help you in your time of need to be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger. The Holy Spirit is powerful to help us overcome our own destructiveness.

By Courtney Silberman

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