The Trap of Pride

September 6, 2012 | Tags: ,

Don’t consider yourself to be wise.
Proverbs 3:7

Growing in Christ is a wonderful thing. As we spend time with Him, studying His Word and learning more about His ways, we will see ourselves grow in knowledge and wisdom. This has been such a blessing in my own life—to see Jesus change me from the inside out. I’m not the same person I was last week, last month, or last year. Each day, He is doing a new work in me! But as I see myself changing and maturing, am I remembering that I could never do this apart from Him? Am I considering myself to be wise on my own, apart from Christ? Or do I understand this wisdom comes from Him alone, at His choosing, at His time for my life? I admit I struggle with this. I need to be constantly reminded that He alone is wisdom. I need to remain humble and thankful for His work in me, all the while remembering the deep love and affection He has for me, a child of God.

Jesus alone is our wisdom and our strength. He is always there to guard you and keep you close, protecting you from the destructive influence of pride. Ask Him to help you recognize where you may be falling into the trap of pride in your life. Humble yourself before Him and He will lift you up.

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