Costs and Rewards of Obedience

September 27, 2012 | Tags: , ,

I will not offer to the Lord my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.

2 Samuel 24:24

When I left work to become a stay at home mother, I felt like the luckiest woman in the world.  I had prayed that God would reveal His will and I felt that He was calling me to stay home. My fondest desire and God’s will lined up. I was so happy.

I quit my job.  I was home alone with a baby all the time.  I had no idea how to create a support network, or how to make friends in this new world I was in.  I prayed for God to send me back to work where I knew what was in store for me and where everything was familiar.  Then I was pregnant again. Then the money we saved ran out. In fear, I turned to God looking for a way out of the life I knew He had called me to.  He said, Wait and pray. Wait some more.

When I left work I was so happy.  I was in love with this new baby.  The call to obedience was easy because it cost me nothing.  Obedience has a cost but it also has a reward.  I would not trade my time with my children for all the money, comfort, or familiarity in the world.  God has a plan and is working it out in me.  Every day I am amazed at how He provides for my emotional, physical and spiritual needs, if only I can pay the price of obedience.

Has obedience ever led you to a sacrifice?  What was the cost?  What was God’s reward?  Is God calling you to make a sacrifice right now?

By Rebecca Dillard

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